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Our Founder & CEO – Tony Cheng

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Graduate of University of London

Former Investment Banker

Michelin One-Star Chef

Renowned Chef in Cooking Shows

CEO of Dining Group

Father of Four Children


All these positions belong to Tony

Founder’s Story

Tony's culinary journey began in his early years, where his love for food blossomed. At the age of 14, while studying abroad in the UK and residing in a boarding school, he embraced the opportunity to prepare a heartwarming turkey dinner for his fellow schoolmates who were feeling homesick. This experience opened his eyes to the incredible power of food to not only nourish but also bring people together, sparking his lifelong passion to create happiness through delicious cuisine.


In 2008, Tony left behind a successful career in investment banking to chase his dreams in Italy. Under the guidance of Michelin-starred chefs in Rome, he honed his skills and absorbed the essence of Italian gastronomy. Inspired and determined, he returned to Hong Kong in 2009 and opened his first restaurant, The Drawing Room. It quickly earned a prestigious Michelin one-star rating, captivating diners with its exquisite Italian flavours.


Driven to bring happiness through food to a wider audience, Tony transitioned from the kitchen to a leadership position as the CEO of DRC, introducing diverse cuisines and unique restaurant concepts, earning numerous accolades for their exceptional quality.

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DRC's Business Philosophy and Commitment

Focus on People

Care for Our Team

Always Prioritise Customer Experience

DRC is committed to building a happy company with the motto of

"Care for our Team, Prioritize our Customers".

We prioritise the care and support for our team, while also recognising

the importance of our customers' dining experience. By sharing our successes

with our team, we aim to inspire a sense of happiness in their lives and

bring that same joy to our customers

through our exceptional cuisine and warm hospitality.

“Putting the happiness of 300 families at the forefront, we empower our dedicated colleagues to share that happiness with customers through delectable dishes and heartfelt hospitality,

igniting a contagious positive energy that permeates the entire city!”

DRC Founder & CEO – Tony Cheng

Our Mission


Uniting together as we craft delectable cuisine, to create joyful memories and a sense of happiness for our valued customers.


By delivering outstanding dining services,

we strive to inspire pride and fulfilment among our dedicated team members.

Our Objective


To establish ourselves as a

centennial enterprise that

inspires pride among our employees.

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